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Vehicle Art Robo

Vehicle Art Robo


Vehicle Art Robo (“VAR”) is a unique full color digital printing system specifically designed to, “digitally paint” any graphics directly onto vehicle bodies. VAR employs automated curved surface tracing to print on multiple shaped surfaces, from flat surfaces to curved and uneven surfaces. VAR Applications include the decoration of trucks, trailers, buses, containers and other transit related objects.




Time saving

Time saving

Cost saving

Cost saving

Eliminate PVC

Eliminate PVC


1) Color System

Color Managed 5 colors -C/M/Y/K/White

2) Pitch

0.24mm / 0.4mm

3) Print Area

Height:0. 62meters ~ 3.84meters
Width: Models ranging from 3.1meters to 13.0meters

4) Z Axis (Jetting Distance)

Up to 200mm, with potential option.

5) Printing Speed

30sqm (W10m × H3m)
- Print head (4x speed), 0.4mm pitch: 540 minutes (about 18 minutes/sqm)
- Print head (8x speed), 0.4mm pitch: 250 minutes (about 8 minutes/sqm)

6) Ink Consumption

Estimated 20ml to print 1sqm full color typical image

System Configuration

Necessary Items for the System


Inks for VAR are exclusive solvent based pigmented inks formulated specifically for use in the VAR system and applications requiring extended color gamut and extensive outdoor durability. Available colors are C/M/Y/K/W (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White). Clear coating is also available as an option. Bulk load -500ml per bottle for each CMYKW color.

VAR Product line models



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Craig Reid - Mobile: +1 302-545-2851


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