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Bottle Printer

Bottle Printer

Bottle Printer

Leader of the glass bottle printer!
All around 360-degree graphics & rewritable!
Competent usability by on-demand printing!


Inkjet Bottle Printer is a unique machine with which you can print panorama printing of any design directly onto the bottles like glass, crockery, and plastic products. This on-demand bottle printer synchronizes with the professional graphics software Photoshop, and enables you to print, in full color, precisely assigned eclectic images like scanned handwritings and high-resolution pictures. With the dedicated inks it's easy to erase and rewrite in spite of its distinctively developed sleek quality and good sustainability. Our clients are fully gratifying their customers with such additional values on the bottles as an extended service for specific gifts and events. Now we launched into the expansion globally.(Under development)


Direct Print & easy to use

Direct Print &
easy to use

Curved & uneven surface tracing

Curved &
uneven surface tracing

Saving cost

Saving cost

Easy modification

Easy modification


1) Machine Dimension

W630mm × H770mm × D540mm

2) Printer Body Weight


3) Printing time

several minutes/ bottle
over one year

4) Printable bottle size

Min diameter: 35 mm
Max diameter: 150 mm

5) Printable area

Min height: 36 mm from the bottom of the bottle
Max height: 256 mm

6) Color

CMYKW (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White)

System Configuratio

Necessary Items for the System